Timeless Minimalism by Jakhals

Timeless Minimalism by Jakhals

Minimalist watch collection by Jakhals Antwerp.

Can watches be timeless? Or is that a contradictio in terminis, an impossible statement?
Well, I believe Jakhals is pretty close to making the impossible possible.

Jeroen Depuydt and Nicolas Faes, the two founders and designers of Jakhals, have big dreams at the age of only 28. And it looks like their dreams are becoming reality.

With Jakhals, they wanted to create a watch collection, but not any watch collection. Amazing quality, craftsmanship and minimalist approach are the main focus. Handcrafted acetate by Mazzucchelli 1849 (think of the iconic tortoise patterned sunglasses and you’ll know what I mean), scratch resistant and clear sapphire crystal glassvegetable tanned leather straps and the watch cases are made of brushed stainless steel. What’s not to like? Every detail is just so carefully considered.

Furthermore, you instantly feel the quality when you put them around your wrist. The leather straps are of amazing quality and are thick enough to stand the test of time -pun intended. I just hate it when I have to change the straps every few months of my watches because of the poor quality. Same for the scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass, must-have if you’re incautious sometimes like me 🙂

Jeroen and Nicolas succeeded in merging heritage and fashion in their minimalist watches with an edge. High quality, very fashionable, locally designed and a minimal look, no wonder this is a true ‘La Minimaliste’ favorite!

The Jakhals collection is unisex and consists of eight distinct styles. Because of the minimal look and the unisex aspect, this makes a perfect gift where you can’t go wrong with. Let the pictures below inspire you. My favorites are the Rose Rocks and the Charcoal Smoke with leather strap (check out the different styles!).

Want one? You can buy one now for the exclusive price of €149, instead of €249! Jakhals offers an exclusive pre-order discount of €100 as a thank you for supporting their campaign on Kickstarter. The offer will expire in two weeks, so no time to waste (sorry can’t help myself with al the puns).
Pre-order yours on Kickstarter.

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Jakhals Campaign

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